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Candy Floss

If you're not a fan of flossing, you’re not alone. Statistics show that only 4 in 10 people routinely floss and 20 percent never floss their teeth. In fact, the American Academy of Periodontology recently published a poll where Americans were asked what they would rather do than floss their teeth and the results are a little surprising.

18% rather wash dishes

14% rather clean toilets

14% rather wait in a checkout line

9% rather be stuck in traffic

7% prefer nails on a chalkboard (Really!)

Why should we floss?

Although it may not be anyone’s favourite pastime, flossing is important to tooth and gum health. While some people may prefer another type of interdental aid such as softpicks or proxibrush, which are also effective at keeping the teeth and gums healthy, today we are focusing on flossing.

When you brush your teeth, it removes the bacteria and food debris that accumulated on the fronts and backs of the teeth but the toothbrush isn’t very effective at cleaning between the teeth and below the gum line. Think of it like this, you wouldn’t wash only one side of a dirty dish and put it back in the cupboard to use again, would you? When you brush your teeth, you’re only washing half of the surfaces of your teeth, front and back and you’re neglecting the two sides where your toothbrush doesn’t touch. Missing these areas can lead to gum disease, tooth decay, and bad breath.

As a hygienist, I see the importance of flossing and can often tell who's not flossing. I find that many of my clients leave their appointment motivated to floss but eventually fall out of the habit before their next appointment. There must be a better way! A more exciting way to floss your teeth. I decided to search for the perfect floss with the hopes that it might make flossing more enjoyable to encourage people to stick with flossing. My family and I tried several different brands and floss types before we found THE BEST FLOSS! It was unanimous, COCOFLOSS! This is NOT your mothers floss!

What’s different about Cocofloss?

  • Cocofloss is a gourmet floss

  • Made of hundreds of polyester and microfiber filaments that work together to polish your pearly whites clean. It feels like a soft loofah for your teeth

  • Infused with coconut oil, fruit oils, and aromas

  • It comes in four yummy flavours, coconut, mint, cara cara orange, and strawberry. It’s like a treat for your teeth

  • You’ll see it working. Cocofloss is blue which allows you to see all the built up that it pulls from your teeth

Cocofloss is now available at LifeSmiles Dental Hygiene. Receive a complimentary mint or strawberry Cocofloss with your dental cleaning or purchase a two month supply of your favourite flavour.

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