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The Dental Spa

No more polishing and minimal hand instruments (scrapping) 


Guided Biofilm Therapy by EMS has revolutionized the dental hygiene experience.  This system efficiently removes plaque biofilm, stain, and tartar above and below the gumline with its minimally invasive and no pain technology for a cleaner, brighter smile. 

EMS GBT_edited.jpg

Perfect For

  • Adults

  • Kids

  • Implants

  • Braces (Ortho)

  • Crown/Bridge

  • Gum Disease

  • Sensitive Clients

  • Nervous clients

  • Cavity Prone Clients

  • Everyone!!!


Steps of GBT

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Benefits of GBT

  • More comfortable than traditional scaling and polishing

  • More gentle on the tooth and gums

  • More effective removal of plaque (bacteria), stain, tartar

  • Cleans above and below the gums comfortably

  • Removes plaque biofilm from the tooth, gums, tongue, cheeks, and palate with a gentle warm mist

  • Cleans even the little nooks and crannies

  • Antimicrobial Erythritol powder helps treat and prevent gum disease, cavities, and bad breath

  • Powder is hypoallergenic and Erythritol is derived from non-GMO fruit

  • Interactive for client education

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