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Plaque Microscopy

Like the Canary in the coal mine, The Canary System allows us to identify potential concerns before they become a bigger problem.  This minimizing the need for more invasive and expensive dental treatment.
Early Detection The Canary System allows us to identify concerns far earlier than with conventional means such as x-rays.
Remineralization When detected early it may be possible to implement a remineralization program to rebuild the tooth structure.
Monitoring Allows us to track the success of remineralizing treatments. 
Radiation Free A low-level, non-cutting laser is used to measure the crystal structure of the tooth.
Pain Free Simple and fast.
Easy to Understand Canary Numbers allow you to see and hear about the health of your teeth.
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Did you know that seven out of 10 Canadian will develop gum disease which can lead to tooth loss and contribute to serious systemic disease.  What causes gum disease?  Bad bacteria!  
Early Detection Taking a sample of plaque from under the gums and examining it under the microscope allows us to identify the presence of disease causing bacteria before it causes permanent damage.
Treatment Treatment can be better tailored to the specific bacteria that is present.
Monitoring Success of treatment can be evaluated with follow up plaque scans.
Education A picture is worth a thousand words. Not only does it allow the client become more educated and motivated with their oral care, it allows them to actively participate in their care. 
Referrals We have had great success working in partnership with Naturopaths and Holistic Nutritionists to treat active gum disease.
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