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Holistic Dental Hygiene

The mouth is often treated separate from the rest of the body and science is just beginning to gain a better understanding of the link between oral and overall health.  Systemic conditions, medication, stress, habits, nutrition, and lifestyle can all increase your susceptibility to dental disease, and this can in-turn can affect overall health and well-being. 


Prevention is key!  In addition to completing a clinical assessment of the teeth and gums, we use a phase contrast microscope and saliva pH testing.  Our goal is to identify all factors that can increase an individual's risk of dental disease so we can personalize a care plan to help you achieve and maintain oral health for life.  

Biological Dental Hygiene

At LifeSmiles Dental Hygiene, we strive to eliminate the use of chemicals and toxic products for oral care by integrating bio-compatible and natural products that prevent disease and promote healing.

Learn more about the products we use and recommend.

Eco Dental Hygiene

While it is important to always maintain the highest standard of asepsis, we are also conscious of the impact our clinic has on the environment.  To minimize this impact, we use steam sterilizers as well as Mycrylium disinfecting products which are highly effective, non toxic, and environmentally friendly.   

To minimize administrative waste, we are fully computerized and paper chart free. 

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